Monday, 31 December 2012

Living in Scotland:: Happy Hogmanay!

Edinburgh// by agentcikay
Happy Hogmanay!

Hogmanay is what the Scots call New Years Eve. What a funny word huh?!

We're staying home and watching 'When Harry Met Sally' while toasting in the New Year with some sparkling apple juice. I guess that means we're old {or maybe just have a toddler and no babysitter}.

We were invited to a Ceilidh {pronounced:: kay-lee} which is a traditional Gaelic social gathering-- typically involving Gaelic folk music and dancing. We went to a ceilidh once before for our friends wedding celebration. It was awesome! Everyone knew all the folk dances and the band just played through the night.

There are some specific Hogmany traditions that the Scottish follow every year. Steak Pie is on the menu and most people sit down to have their meal at midnight. I asked why midnight {who wants a full meal at that hour?!} and was told that most people have been drinking for a few hours and would like to drink for a few more, but they  need some food in their stomachs to do so. Ha!

The first person to enter your home on New Years Day is called 'The First Foot' and they are to bring you a gift. The gift {usually whiskey or a lump of coal} are considered good luck for the new year. I've never had a First Foot before and my friend Jade has asked if she could be my First Foot. Apparently it is a great honor to bring such a gift. I'm so excited!!

Edinburgh, Scotland is the premiere destination for New Years Eve in Europe. It is a 3 day celebration! Edinburgh is one of the tops spots to bring in the New Year around the world and I'm only 45 minutes away! I not going... but many of the top travel bloggers around the world are there right now! You can follow along on twitter {#blogmanay} and see the sights and what the party is all about. Check out what's going on in Edinburgh right now for the festivities {here}
Edinburgh// by dangerousbiz
St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh// by theaussienomad

Hogmanay Torchlight Processional// by edhogmanay


  1. Happy New Year or Hogmanay to you and your family.

  2. I had no idea that Edinburgh was such a Hogmanay hot spot. We may have to put that on our list for next year. Happy New Year!!

  3. That sounds awesome! I really want to go to Edinburgh and go on that big ferris wheel! :O

  4. Ah this reminds me so much of my 2011 New Year. I rented a serviced apartment in Haymarket with a few friends and we had some people over on New Year's Day. I had never heard of the First Foot either until one of our guests actually showed up early at the door with the gift - they thought it would be funny to bring coal instead of whiskey, but actually I think we were all quite glad because we'd been drinking through the night anyway! It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself and I hope are having a lovely January. I'm definitely considering Edinburgh for Hogmanay 2013!