Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Little Bit {or a lot} of Sebastian

+ snuggle time with daddy after a long Sunday afternoon nap

 + howdy cowboy. I'm just playing a game on my Mom's iPod...in my boots.

 +I love the park. Maybe more than anything. Ever..

 +Hi there pretty lady

 +I'm awesome on the slide.

 +My giant airplane is my favorite thing lately. I even take it to to the table when I eat.

+I wasn't afraid of this indoor play place. Really. I'm was just having a look. Making sure it's safe.

 +Fell asleep reading this book. It was really good but I was just more tired.

+I really love car stickers. And my dinosaur pj's.


  1. Way too cute! Love the boots picture! :)

  2. What cutie he is!! : ) I too love the boots picture!!

  3. Cute dinosaur pj's ad the first picture reminds me of when I'm tired from playing with my little girl and we are both just sitting down and taking a break from each other. Beautiful pictures and adorable family :)

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