Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sebastian at Two

Sebastian is 2 yrs old!!!

We ate cake!

...and Sebastian stuck his finger in the flame. No harm done.

Sebastian got Woody and Buzz! He was so excited he was just jumping and rolling on the floor for about 30 min before he would even touch them. Best. Gift. Ever. He's been taking them to bed with him. He walks around the house saying, "Woody!" and making "wooshing" noises with Buzz to make him fly. I think he's in love. Feels nice to make him so happy.

Le'ts see what Sebastian is up to at Two!

+ He's a great sleeper. Goes down at 7 pm and wakes at 6:30 am. He takes a 2-2.5 hr nap each morning.

+ Sebastian loves the pool, library, and the park. We like to go every week. During singing and story time at the library he just jumps and claps in the middle of the circle the whole time. He's just having fun!

+ Favorite books:: Dinosaurs Love Underpants, Paddington and Toy Story.

+ Favorite Movies:: Toy Story, Meet the Robinson's, Despicable Me and The Bee Movie

+ Favorite color:: Green

+Favorite foods:: Eggs, Pizza, Chocolate, Smoothies

+ Sebastian walks around all day saying, "que fue?" Which means "What's up?" in Spanish.

+ He still doesn't talk a whole lot. But he understands what we say in both languages.

+ Sebastian just points to what he wants or drags us to what he wants. This has to stop! I'm trying to make him use his words. It is frustrating. But, at least he is communicating in his own way. This is a plus.

+ Sebatsian gets his hair cut every other month. He hates it, but it grows like crazy!

+ He loves going into the nursery at church. If I try and take him to class with me he'll scream and cry and go running off toward the nursery. I'm glad he likes it.

+Sebastian can't use and spoon and has no interest in learning how. He's crazy over a fork though. If he could eat his yogurt with a fork he'd do it.

+ Sebastian blows a kiss to the apartment whenever we leave. It's so cute I can't handle it. He blows me kisses when he goes off with his dad on errands. Melts my heart.

+ He is selective with real kisses though. I don't get very many. But, when he wants to give you one he'll do it and it is so sweet it makes me want to cry.

You're it kid. You're our whole life. We love you!


  1. Happy birthday to your little sweetie!

  2. Happy 2nd! He is adorable!

  3. It is so easy to make our children happy when they are young. May he always be so happy with simple pleasures! : )

    A very Happy Birthday to your precious little boy!!

  4. Way too cute! Happy 2nd Birthday! :0)