Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Reluctant Photographer

I know absolutely nothing about photography. Nothing. I don't even have an excuse. I have an aunt, step dad , step grandmother and two sisters who work wonders with a camera. Me...not so much. If it's a sunny day and I can point to the object I want the picture can't help but come out alright. But, anything else...well, I'm lost. Most of my pictures show up super dark and lifeless. I know nothing about editing software and don't even have a desire to learn it. But, I do have a desire to capture our life.

I spent some time recently looking through our photos from the last 6 years I've been here in Scotland. There isn't really very much. I only have a handful of pictures with Luis and Sebastian. Even less with all of us together. I was shocked. Sebastian is growing so fast and I really don't have very much to show for his childhood. This has upset me greatly.

I asked Luis for a camera for Christmas. Nothing fancy just something that I could photograph our life with. I don't want a big DSLR camera. So, Luis got me the Nikon Coolpix L820. I will have to spend a little bit of time learning how to use it but it is a lot less intimidating.

I started looking for basic beginner photography tips but most everything is for the beginning DSLR user. Which I am not. I needed something even more basic. Ya know? This is what I found::

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Delux Starter Kit for the Coolpix L820

I don't always grab my camera. I will go on family outings {with my camera in my pocket} and I forget to take photos. That's me. So, I'm really going to have to make a conscious effort to pull out my new camera. I'm looking forward to it. Even if I will have to write a post-it note to remind me ;)

Do any of you have any great basic photography/camera tips? I just want to look back on my life one day and have something to actually look at.

ps. I am on Instagram which has helped me take more daily photos. Come see!


  1. I love taking pictures! I always think about how to capture a moment to make it last forever. BUT, that also means I'm not in pictures and I forget to be "in the moment."
    I encourage you in your endeavor to take more pictures!

  2. I'm in the same place as you Mary, and have the same camera. My oldest daughter is a professional photographer (3igphoto on IG) and I realize how little I know. I enjoy your IG photos and dream of Scotland... xo

  3. just have fun with it! if you start getting really serious about photography, dont compare yourself to others. find your own unique style of capturing your memories. you are the artist. you might want to start with something as simple as "composition." how you arrange things in the picture can make the photograph totally awesome or just like any other photograph. google " the rule of thirds.' I took an cheap online photography course and I read a lot of photographers blogs. there are alot of photographers out there who are so helpful and willing to share their knowledge with other people. (Others, not so much!) I love Michelle kane photography and Angie Monson from Simplicity Photography. There are both on instagram and facebook too.
    just photograph the people and places you love and share them with us! I love your pictures of Scotland and look forward to more.
    I have also found a few girls from church that are into photography and we have gotten together and gone out taking photos. Maybe there are some ladies in your ward with whom you can both talk about ans share your talents!
    one more thing is to print them, or put them in a photo album, or post them online. I have so many digital images just sitting on my computer that i look at maybe once a year. Its something I need to be better at. Having the images infront of you also helps you to see how you improve!
    have fun taking pictures!!!!!! you will love this hobby!

    1. I heart faces is a great photography website! they have weekly challenges you can enter and are always sharing tips and tricks. check them out!