Thursday, 16 January 2014

This is exciting.

We are in the process of applying for British Citizenship for Sebastian. There is a lot of paperwork. It also involves a pile of cash. But we're going for it. Sebastian is currently a resident of the UK but...nothing else. He has no nationality. Well, not on paper that is.

We've had a lot to decide with this little guy. We could choose between four different countries; United States, Venezuela, Portugal, and Great Britain because Sebastian was born here and we have lived here long enough for him to qualify. We can only choose two. Great Britain will be one of them.

Why are we even doing this? There are many benefits to being a British Citizen, we live here, we want to travel this year, and we want to give Sebastian the best life possible. With our four countries we can literally give Sebastian the world. He will virtually be able to live, work, study anywhere in the world. He's one lucky kid.

These papers are going in at the end of the week. We're very excited! We'll all have different passports though. It makes for such a crazy interesting life.

Have any of you ever applied for citizenship to another country? What was your experience?


  1. We will eventually all apply for citizenship here in the UK. First, we have to obtain the settlement visas that will allow us to work toward settlement and will be where you in roughly 5 years from now. It is insanely expensive so I imagine we will doing one family member at a time as funds allow. Crazy process! Good luck!

    1. Yeah we'll be doing it one person at a time as well. It's crazy this paperwork! We don't want to make mistakes. It takes so much time too. But, we are so ready to travel and take our little guy with us!

    2. I panic sometimes that we don't have the money to have a lawyer help us with the complicated visa paperwork. Do you feel that way about the citizenship stuff or is it more straightforward? It is such a lot of money which they refuse to refund if there is even one little mistake when it comes to the visas. I feel like I am putting all of our eggs in one basket, but that is our only option!

  2. Wow! This is really great - and very exciting for your family!

    I hope all the form filling and fee paying goes smoothly for you.