Monday, 19 May 2014

Balmedie Beach

We've been busy living life over here. That's always a good thing. Sometimes we just get into the daily grind and forget the importance of seeing and doing new things. So we've made the effort and it has made all the difference. Life can't be just about working, eating, sleeping--everyday all day. It has to be about enjoying moments with each other. And we're doing that.

Saturday we went to Balmedie Beach. It was a gorgeous 66 degree's. It doesn't get any better than that folks! It isn't really that far from where we live so we just packed up some sand toys and headed out. Sebastian was very excited we stopped by the park before we hiked up those sand dunes. He grabbed my hand and shouted, "Let's go! Park!" He was running from each station so fast he was sweating. He's not used to this hot weather!

^^Even Luis had a great time.

Balmedie Beach is very secluded. It is protected by 100+ ft sand dunes. They are a beast to climb! Just leave it to me to try that with a 3 yr old. Now I remember why I was in much better shape in my cruising days. Running on sand 5 days a week will make you fit! There are several ways to get down to the beach--we happened to try several. Finally settling on the wooden plank path leading right to the beach without all the climbing.

I never get tired of the ocean. There is something about it that just feels calming and homey. We picked a place to sit down and pulled out the sand toys and started digging. I got my feet wet and can't express into words actually how cold it was--like ice biting at my toes. As I looked out into the ocean I looked at Luis and said, "It's crazy to think that if you sail far enough you'll find Denmark straight ahead."

We walked up and down the beach and I remembered how much I love the feel of sand between my toes. Balmedie Beach is my favourite so far and I can not wait to spend the warm summer days here. Fun was had by all! I wish you were all here to enjoy this beautiful place with us.





  1. Looks like a dreamy place to be!

  2. Thank you for this post...and all your posts! You have inspired me to travel to Scotland- I am going this September and just planning things right now- can't wait! I will definitely be consulting your blog for activity ideas!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful beach ..


  4. I love Balmedie! And that really is a great playground. I hope Scotland has another great summer this year so that your family gets plenty of beach time.

  5. yay a picture of you too!!! Looks great, I really miss beach days!

  6. Such wonderful pictures and family time. I am originally from the coast (South Carolina) and miss the ocean terribly. You are so right, the ocean just makes you fell at peace and at home. Your pictures gave me a felling of calm the minute I saw them.