Friday, 6 June 2014

All Caught Up

How is it Friday? I mean, I just blogged on Monday....May 19th. It's time folks. It is time for a post of the miscellaneous type so we're all caught up. Wouldn't you agree?

+ Two of my sisters {I have 4} came to visit last week. They left the kids at home and came for a girls week here in good 'ol Scotland. Traci and Katie are my two oldest sisters and while I saw Katie two summers ago when she came to visit with her husband and kids, I hadn't seen Traci since 2009. What?! I don't even know how that happens.

Sebastian was obsessed with them--to say the least. Anytime Traci was out of his eyesight he'd say, "Traci? Where are you Traci? Traciiiii?" Then at bedtime, as his eyes were fluttering shut, he would whisper, "Katie. Katie. Katie." and fall into a dream I'm sure was filled with everything Aunt Katie. It was special for me {and Sebastian} to have my sisters loving on my kid. He needed it. I've really missed just talking to them. In person. I can not adequately express the feeling of being with family after such a long absence.

^^Sebastian and Aunt Traci

We went loads of places together but my favourite was up north to Fraserburgh, Scotland to see the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses and then tour inside Kinnaird Head Lighthouse--the first in Scotland. It was first lit in 1787 and had a lighthouse keeper until 1991. The lighthouse is still operational it's just all automated now. The museum told of the lighthouse keepers and their families. So many  pictures and stories. Not as glamorous as I'd once thought but such an important job. The North Sea was the most gorgeous blue green and I was told there are whale, dolphins and sea otter there but I didn't see any. I stood on what felt like the edge of the world and looked out to sea and thought about what an incredible experience I'm getting to have here. It was quite the moment.

Funniest moment of the trip:: Freaking Traci out with driving on the other side of the road. That always seems to get everyone.

+ Luis went home to Portugal the week before my sisters came. His father has dementia and hasn't been recognizing us when we webcam. So, Luis made an emergency trip out there to see his father before he forgot him completely. It was an emotional trip.

When Luis walked into his family home and saw his father... nothing happened. His father did not recognize him. His family was busy telling him who exactly Luis was but...nothing. Luis turned away and took his bags with him to his room. He was trying to keep his emotions in check while he unpacked. He could try again in a little while. Then he heard footsteps running down the hallway. His bedroom door burst open and he saw his father weeping before he pulled him in for an embrace--having just remembered that Luis is his baby boy.

+ We've had several really good sunny days and there is no where Sebastian would rather be than at the park. He knows there is an ice cream truck parked on the corner and I just can't say no. Last week he decided to ride to the park in his old green plastic 4 wheeler and couldn't be dissuaded. He got himself going downhill a few times and just put his feet on the dash and coasted all the way down. He was cool as a cucumber and just taking in the view. We need to get this boy a helmet for his scooter and we'll be zooming all over town. I'm ready for it.

+ I've been on a reading binge lately. I've been re-reading my favourites mostly. I read Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson and then listened to Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson on audiobook. I worked my way through Falling For Her Fiance by Cindi Madsen and Act Like You Love Me by Cindi Madsen. I love those cute romances. Then I wanted something historical and grabbed The Widower's Wife by Prudence Bice. Then I wanted some novellas and bought A Timeless Romance Anthology: Love Letters which was nice to read something easy before bed each night. I was looking through my books and forgot all about Meg's Melody by Kaylee Baldwin and had to read it. Out of all of them I'd only say Edenbrooke and Blackmoore were anything special. Read those if you haven't already. Next up is My Name is Resolute by Nancy E. Turner {my favourite author of all time} and I am very excited about this one!

This is the end of my little update for now. Catch ya on the flip side!


  1. I've missed you. I've been thinking we need to chat! Sounds like you've had a fun little while.

  2. I always look forward to your posts :) Glad you had a happy time with your sisters!

  3. I am glad you did this catch up as I have been without internet/moving for a while so have missed reading your blog. It sounds wonderful to have some of your sisters visit, I cannot wait to see my family one day!

    Looking forward to see what the giveaway is too!

  4. I was looking for info on visiting Scotland verses Ireland - and came upon your blog about the likes and dislikes of Scotland. I had to read more! I can't imagine being so far away from all family. Hurts my heart for you. On the other hand, you are building different memories and will have them to carry with you. Keep blogging. It's therapeutic!