Monday, 27 October 2014

Visit Scotland: The Falls of Feugh

Saturday was such a gorgeous day that we decided to hit the road and play tourist. It was cold but the sun was shining so it was really perfect. We headed to Banchory and stopped at The Falls of Feugh. Autumn is spawning time and you can watch the salmon swim upstream and actually jump out of the water!

When we were almost to the footbridge I coud see the salmon jumping already and I got really excited! I thought we might have to sit outside and wait for awhile before we saw one but they were jumping like crazy! There was one every couple of minutes. Luis caught them in action for your viewing pleasure.

The best time to see the salmon leaping is from February-March and September-November. The footbridge is easily seen from the road and there is a free car park by the Falls of Feugh Restaurant and Tea Room. The town centre of Banchory is just a small walk and it looked like there were several other walking routes close by.

Once we were frozen to the bone and ready to head back to the car we decided to check out two castles (Crathes Castle and Drum Castle) that we saw on the drive up. One thing I love about living in Aberdeenshire is that we can just get in the car and go in one direction and there will be several interesting things to see. We don't even need to really plan anything and we'll see something awesome.

Check out the pictures from our day!

Crathes Castle         

Drum Castle

Drum Castle (backside)


  1. That is so amazing to see the salmon!

  2. Scotland never disappoints!

  3. Gorgeous photos! It truly is autumn here in Scotland!

  4. Your photo's and road trip adventures are always remarkable, but the the video of the salmon spawning is absolutely amazing ! That has to be one of the greatest thing about living in Aberdeen for you - the variety of road trips with never ending scenic stops. * Sarah Grace

  5. Amazing pictures! I especially love the one of the mirror-like water. Beautiful. It seems Aberdeenshire is a better fit for your family. So glad you can get out and enjoy all that beauty!

  6. I'm living vicariously through your photos. They are so beautiful.

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  8. Oh be still my heart! Scotland is so beautiful.

    We have been on a Holiday to Scotland last year autumn. We started in Edinburgh and traveld up along the coast via St. Andrews, Dundee, Aberdeen,Inverness to Durness and down the other side via Lochinver to Ullapool and over to the Isle of Lewis and Isle of Harris on to the Isle of Skye and via Fort William to Glasgow.
    It was wonderful!!!


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