Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Edinburgh, Scotland

This morning Christy and I took the train into Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. We enjoyed some yummy pastries while talking and reading during the 1 hr 45 min train ride. The weather was anything but constant the whole day. It was everything from cold winter weather (we had to put gloves and hats on), to sunny spring weather where we took our coats off and enjoyed the sun! Welcome to Scotland Christy!

The day was filled with a historic visit to Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile. We saw the Crown Jewels of Scotland, and I even lost my camera! Which someone was kind enough to take to lost and found! We ate some delicious Fish & Chips in a local pub, and enjoyed a bagpipers tunes of Scotland. I loved the day with Christy so much, and hate that she is leaving in the morning...she is off to Rome on a moments notice, and she's ready for more adventures!!

Enjoy the Pictures of our day!

My friend Christy