Monday, 29 July 2013

1,000 Words For Rain

We've had the most awesome summer. Weeks of un-ending sun. Temperatures in the high 70s. It has been bliss. Pure bliss. I so needed a summer like this. After this past winter I just needed the sun. I needed it to warm me from the inside out. I got it. I'm feeling whole again. Happy and fulfilled.

The rain is back. But, I'm not sad about it. I am actually happy to see it. Is that weird? Last week was full of hard rain. The kind that washes everything away so you can start fresh. A new day. The kind that makes you just want to curl up on the couch and read a book.

I'm watching the rain come down and listening to it beat against the window pane. I've cracked the window just a bit to enjoy the cool breeze. I'm reading a book and working on my never ending moving to-do list. Sebastian is on the floor next to me playing with a pile of pennies and a naked Barbie doll we found at church yesterday. And I'm just enjoying the rain.

I've fought so hard this rain. I haven't wanted to let it in. I have let it make me depressed over the years. I've let it dictate how I spend my days. But this feels different. It is making me happy. Like an old friend come back to say hello. I never ever thought I'd say that.

Maybe that is what has been my problem all along. I've not let it become a part of me. I've always felt that accepting this Scottish rain would mean sadness. That it would mean I would have to be afraid of not knowing when I'd see the sun again. I thought it would make me Scottish. I'm not Scottish. I'm American. I thought accepting the rain would mean depression. That I'd be locked in a dark cave with no way out. It isn't that way anymore.

At least not today. I will miss the sun. I will always want her back. She is welcome to come to Scotland as much as she can. But, this rain belongs here. Maybe I'm beginning to belong here too.

Monday, 8 July 2013

The Highland Games

This weekend we got down to business and checked off the first item on our summer budget bucket list. I threw a bunch of crap in the car {because a toddler always needs a bunch of stuff for a road trip} and off we went! Saturday was the most perfect of days. The sun was shining, a light breeze was blowing and we were going to our very first Highland Games.

Let it be known now that I have never seen such brute strength in all my life. Or so many kilts in one place...

The games were in a giant field and we couldn't really get too close. Which was a bummer because I wanted to get up close and personal with these brawny men. It was all in the name of safety though. They were throwing tree's and boulders you know. I just looked on in awe. These guys were the real deal. I preferred the Highland Dancing and the Bagpipe competition. I loved the costumes and the music. It just felt Scottish.

Once we'd walked around the whole field I was starving. I don't do well when I'm hungry. So we set off to find the food trucks. There was only one. Seriously. The Luss Highland Gathering hadn't been on for the past 2 yrs due to flooding so there was a massive amount of people there. Everyone was selling out of food and there was one lone truck left. We waited in the queue for 45 minutes. I kid you not. But, the burgers were worth it. Scottish beef with haggis and whiskey chutney on a homemade floury roll. Oh. Em. Gee. I dreamt about it that night. I want more.

You guys, it was such an experience. Loads of people rooting for their favourite hunky guys and Scottish gourmet food. What more do you want?!