Monday, 10 June 2013

The Daily Record

Yesterday I was in the newspaper! 

I got a call from a journalist at The Daily Record {Sunday Mail} asking for an interview about my leap of faith to move to Scotland. We had a photographer come snap a shot of our family and everything. 

You can find the article online here::

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Ask Mary:: Should I take the train from London to Scotland?

I get so many emails every week asking questions about moving to Scotland as well as generic questions as to what should they do on their visit here. I'm starting an Ask Mary feature where I'll share the questions and answers for all to see and chime in. 

If there is something you want to know about living in Scotland go ahead and ask in the comments section and I'll answer them right here on the blog. 

Amie asked::

How long is the train from London to Scotland? Where do I go for train information?

It takes around 7 hours to drive to London and 45 min to fly. But, to take the train it takes approximately 5 hrs.

The train is a great way to travel. You can sit back and relax while someone else does the driving. No need to stop for the bathroom or something to eat as everything you could need is right there. Grab yourself a seat by the window and don't forget a book. You can even choose to travel on a sleeper train. Travel while you sleep! Brilliant.

The downside to taking the train is that it can be quite pricey for long a journey. You'll be surprised to find that you can take a flight for much cheaper. But, it is always good to check all your options and be prepared. Booking early is the key to finding the right price, whatever you choose to do.

The links below will help you plan::



*make sure to check the terms and conditions. Budget travel is an art!



Have any of you taken the train from London to Scotland? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments section.

If you have any questions just ask below or send me an email!