Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas at George Square

It just isn't Christmas until we've been to George Square I tell you. So we went. And it was glorious!

There was an international market this year with food and crafts from all around the world. It smelled amazing. We had a hard time choosing what to eat! I ate the best German Sausage on sourdough bread I've ever had in my life. LD had a chorizo sausage on french bread. We grabbed an assortment of Italian cannoli and a cone of churros drizzled in nutella and off we went to see the big tree. 

The temperature wasn't bad {about 41 degree's} and it wasn't raining. It was the perfect time to go! The streets were a mass of people. It was crazy how many were out shopping. We couldn't go a few steps without seeing some street performers. All ages and different kinds of acts. It was totally festive. 

Once we got to George Square Sebastian wanted out of his stroller. I don't blame him! there were lights and rides! Ice skaters and a giant Christmas Tree! They even had a kids Christmas train giving free rides! Sebastian was too small to ride himself and they wouldn't let an adult ride with him. He was heart broken. The tears were epic. I felt for him. He should have been allowed to go. The other parents even wanted him to go. Poor thing. 

It feels like Christmas now. We had a great day and George Square has always been our Christmas kickoff. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Our Christmas Tree

{I need to do something with my mantle}
We have a special story about our tiny Christmas tree that we got our first year of marriage. We've retired the tree sadly. Only because the legs got lost in our last move. It was a sad day. I might try to fix it up into a pot or something next year. I miss it!

So, we needed a new tree. We are now the proud owners of a space saver tree. It is...thinner. We love it! It is exactly my height {5 ft 7 in} and Sebastian loves to take the ornaments off to inspect them. I don't mind. We usually play with a few of them before he tries to put them back on by throwing the ornament at the branch he wants it to go on. This of course doesn't work. So I help him put it back on. I think he has a collection of ornaments somewhere because I'm missing a few. I'm sure they are with his pacifiers and all the batteries from the remotes, and his first pair of shoes. I've yet to find this "secret spot" but I'm on the hunt.

My Mom sends a new ornament every year {since we got married}. Now she sends one for Sebastian too. This way when he graduates from college or gets married he has his very own stash of ornaments for his family tree. This year she sent us a little Scottish girl ornament and Sebastian got a Police Car that says "Hey sneeky McPeeky Pants! Back away from the presents" when he gets too close to the tree. He loves it and plays with it every day. I'm glad there is an off switch. But, it sure is cute!

My Mom also made our stockings, tree skirt, and table runner for my Christmas gift this year! She did a great job and it really makes everything feel more festive. My step grandmother Joan gave my Mom a table cloth and place mats of her mother's when she passed away. My Mom put them in the wash and shrank them by accident. She's kept them all these years because she couldn't part with such a beautiful heirloom even though they would never fit a table. She made my table runner out of it! I'm so glad it is getting used and I have a piece of family with me during the holiday's.

I love Christmas tree's! What does your tree look like? Put a link in the comments, email me, or tweet me {@SweetBookshelf} a picture!