Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Expat Tips

One of my best friends in the world is moving to Rome next spring. I'm so excited for her to be an expat! She will see a different side to travel than ever before. We met while working on cruise ships the summer of 2001. Christy, of The Departure Diaries, has been to 46 different countries and is by far the most seasoned traveler I know. Here is a little bit more about Christy:

"Hi. I'm Christy. I joined the crew of a Cruise Ship on my 21st birthday and that simple decision changed my life. Ever since, I’ve been hooked on boats, the ocean, photography and travel. These days I work on land as a Corporate Video Editor in order to pay for my travel addiction. My goal isn’t to visit every place on earth; I just don’t ever want to stop exploring.

Country Count: 46. Continents: 5.

Oh, and I’m moving to Rome in T-Minus 11 months. (April 2013.)"

Christy is planning her trip now and has a long list of to-do's waiting. I'm helping her along the way. I made a lot of mistakes when I came abroad and I'm hoping to save Christy the hassle. Each Wednesday Christy and I will be going over different aspects of moving--and living--abroad and the preparation it takes to make such a move. How is it done anyway? You are welcome to join us!

Stay tuned for more on my experiences and Christy's preparations with this new feature, The Departure Lounge! If you have any questions or topics you'd like us to cover please leave them in the comments.


  1. Yay for our first post! :)

  2. Wow! She definitely sounds like an interesting blogger! I'll be visiting her for sure! :)


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