Monday, 23 July 2012

Tantallon Castle

Saturday afternoon we decided to take a drive up the coast. We're lucky Great Britain is an island because no matter where you live, you aren't far from the beach. I love this. I'd love to live in one of these quaint beach towns and each time we drive through one I can't stop telling LD we should move.

We were headed to Tantallon Castle {built in 1350!}near North Berwick in Edinburgh. It is truly a picturesque drive. Not just the rolling hills and farm animals but the quaint towns along the way. I honestly wanted to stop about 5 or 6 times and just get out to walk around for a bit. We would have but we were pressed for time. There were lovely  bed and breakfast cottages adorned with flowers and vines as well as large family homes in an estate fashion. We're talking big gorgeous Victorian homes. We saw families stopping at the local fish and chip shop before they head down to the beach. Lots of bicycles about on this warm breezy day. It was just lovely. Sometimes living in Scotland can feel like a dream. Saturday was one of them.

When we arrived at Tantallon Castle it was seriously windy. The castle sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean. That strong sea breeze was blowing all around us. It felt amazing! There were families enjoying picnics on the grounds and several tour buses with American's! I wanted to stop and have a chat but Sebastian was pretty whiny and was running all over the place. The structure is pretty derelict and the elements have definitely had their way with her. Truly gorgeous!

There was a little island off the coast with a lighthouse on it. I was pretty obsessed with it. It had a Shutter Island feel to it. Creepy. It also had a white tint to it. What was it? It couldn't be snow. Upon closer inspection--seagulls! Thousands of them. It was truly fascinating.

We had a really good time and I wished that we had more time to spend. I'd love a weekend where we could stop and take as long as we wanted along the way. But, we were headed on a date to see Batman! Which was amazing by the way. How was your weekend?

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