Tuesday, 14 May 2013

St. Conan's Kirk

You never know what you're going to find here in Scotland. There is all manner of old sites just waiting for us explore. When we took our drive up north to Oban we saw a church on the side of the road. It over looked Loch Awe and was surrounded by the forest. I made LD stop so I could take a look. What I found was St. Conan's Kirk.

Up until the 1870's there was almost no human habitation there. Lord Blythswood's brother built himself a stately mansion not far from here and his wife and mother stayed there. His mother found the drive to church too far and wanted something closer so they had this church built. Isn't that crazy?! Oh what money can do.

It started to rain as we walked up to the church and you could hear the rain drops on the old windows. I couldn't help but wonder what it was like to go to church here back in the day. It has gorgeous large windows and I just imagined if the sermon got boring I'd look out on to the loch and do some day dreaming.

The door was open for us! I love old doors. Don't you? Upon entering there was a collection box to leave a few pence for taking a look around. These old cathedral's have so many nooks and secret places to leave things. It was very cold inside as everything was made of stone. We took a look around and left as silently as we came. There was a special reverence about the place. I wished we could have stayed longer and really explored the place. Maybe next time.

When you're driving through Scotland you need only look into the horizon and you'll find spires shooting above the tree's. History is hidden through the woods but if you can find it you can take a look so you'll always know where you came from. It's quite magical.


  1. Beautiful church! Great find!!

  2. Wow, I love this story! And the picture of the red door standing ajar needs to be framed. Gorgeous.


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