Monday, 10 June 2013

The Daily Record

Yesterday I was in the newspaper! 

I got a call from a journalist at The Daily Record {Sunday Mail} asking for an interview about my leap of faith to move to Scotland. We had a photographer come snap a shot of our family and everything. 

You can find the article online here::

I hope you will stop by and leave a comment! 


  1. How exciting! The article was sweet, and I love that photo of the three of you. I know the bravery and the leap of faith it takes to make a move like you did. Good for you!

  2. So now you're famous! : ) Very nice article.
    I'm moving to western Maryland, very near WV. Where did you live?

  3. Love it! See, the photo is gorgeous!! Told you you didn't have anything to worry about. :) Love ya girl!

  4. Your family is beautiful! Love the article- so cool!


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