Monday, 23 September 2013

St Machar's Catherdral

I have a thing for cathedrals. No matter where in the world you go, you can see that people took great care to build the best places to worship their God. It is evidence seeing as this particular building has been here since 1282. Yet, a church has been on this site since the sixth century. Whoa. I can't even comprehend that kind of history!!

As legend has it, St Machar was commanded to find a spot where the river curved in the shape of a Shepard's crook. Legend also say that when William Wallace was hung and dismembered in 1305, his body parts were sent to different parts of Scotland. His left arms is said to be in one of the walls at St. Machar's! We won't know for a long time yet if that is true.

Inside there is a notable heraldic oak ceiling with coats of arms if European monarch's and Scottish nobles and bishops. The Charter Room and bell tower are not normally open to the public, but they were open to the public for Door's Open Day! We weren't permitted to take photograph's but the room was filled with documents. Very old documents. The preservation of history in this country always amazes me.

Upon entering St Machar's we were greeted by smiling volunteer's and flute music being played from near the altar. It totally added to the ambiance! We got a little mini tour and told all these fun facts.

Have a look at St Machar's Cathedral!


  1. I share your enthusiasm for buildings like these.Beautiful pictures.

  2. Beautiful and quite rustic.


  3. it is breathtaking! I love old buildings :)


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