Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Let's Talk About Rain Gear

Rain Gear in Scotland

I am coming up on my 6th anniversary of moving to Scotland. I never thought in a million years we'd still be here. But we are. I must have lived here too long because I don't even think it rains that much. Seriously, what's wrong with me?! Even the locals know it rains a lot!

I get a lot of emails about rain gear. What should you buy? What will you need? Should you buy at home or wait until you get to Scotland? I'm going to share with you my opinions on the matter.

Are you ready? This is big.

Wait until you get here.

The advice I usually give is to wait until you get here to purchase your rain coat. I'm sure many of you who receive this such email aren't exactly satisfied but I really think it is best to wait. You need to experience the rain a bit and decide what you need. Do you walk a lot? Cycle? Hike? Drive your car everywhere? The stores here cater to our climate. You'll find just what you need when you get here. I'd hate for you to spend so much time and money on it only to realize what you bought at home isn't working for you here. Although, you can buy those wellies anywhere. Knock yourself out.

For those of you who don't take my advice and really do want to bring rain gear/coats with you I will share with you some pieces that will work for you here.
+ Get a winter coat and rain jacket with a hood and pockets. This is a must. You never know where
you will be when it starts to rain. It's easy to just pull your hood up and keep walking. Getting something with a collar and a hood is perfect. We get a lot of wind here. You'll want to feel snug and warm in there. I walk everywhere so I need pockets to throw my keys in or keep my gloves where I can get to them. Or snacks for Sebastian when I don't want to go rummaging through my bag.

+ Umbrellas are sort of superfluous here. The wind is so strong it will turn it inside out. But, the umbrellas that go down further and make a dome around you are perfect for a downpour. You won't use it all the time but they are nice to have.

+ Hats! I wear a hat all the time. ALL the time. We have strong winds here in Scotland and your hair gets whipped around and all up in your face if you aren't wearing a hat. I keep it simple with a beret that can stay in place if I need to put my hood up too.

+ Rain boots. Get them anywhere, any size, any style. They will all work. Find yourself a pair with good soles and support and you're ready to go!

That's my advice and I'm sticking to it.


  1. I am loving the rainboots by Sperry.

    1. Me too! I have a thing for buckles and these boots are affordable. Love it!

  2. great tips! ever since we lived in scotland, i've never used an umbrella because it was so pointless there. i just use the hats and boots i bought there i love not having to carry an umbrella around.

  3. Great advice, as I would be inclined to A) stay in or B) grab the umbrella and forget the boots. Note to self: find boots that are comfy and supportive and hats that are cute and warm!

  4. Love the advice (should have been more prepaired for the endless snow here) and I love the items you've got on your post!

  5. Hi Mary -- I heard you'd mention "pockets" here, so thought I'd share...I have a patented little problem-solver that you might find very handy. See what I mean at www.portapocket.com ...btw, Scotland is totally on my list and I was hoping to get there in the next few years.. we'll see... I'd LOVE to go!! Got engaged in Bath, England way back in 1999 so have a love affair of sorts with the UK... xoxo, @PortaPocketGal

  6. Of course you don't think it rains that much... you moved from the West coast where it rains at least 50% more than on the East coast!

  7. I agree with this! I was so worried about shopping...buts it turns out it's quite easy to shop here and not that expensive. The hats are killing me...I loved wearing baseball caps in Texas but nobody seems to wear them here so my hair is always a mess

  8. I'm headed to Glasgow in September for postgrad.
    After visiting last November I've invested in a liner and hood for my Barbour coat and I just purchased LL Bean boots.

    I'm trying to decide if I want to get a pair of LL Bean mocs to go along with that.

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  11. I am about to travel to Edinburgh for a semester abroad and was wondering if you would suggest me bringing Hunter rain boots or LL Bean duck boots?

    Annie N Belle


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