Friday, 14 March 2014

Things to See and Do in Aberdeenshire

When planning a trip to Scotland many people head straight for the capital, Edinburgh, and then go west to the Highlands. It seems to be the course for many travellers. It was the same for us. We lived just outside Glasgow for 5 and a half years. We have been to Edinburgh more times than I can count yet I'd never made the trek to Aberdeen. Now we live here and love it! I'm here to make a plea for Aberdeenshire and why you must travel the 1 hour and 45 min north of Edinburgh and see this beautiful place.

Things to See::

+ "Scotland’s only dedicated Castle Trail lets you discover the dramatic stories of 17 of Aberdeenshire’s most famous castles. This itinerary is organised into 4 broad areas of Aberdeenshire to group the castles around a main hub town. A visit to any of the castles makes an ideal day out or navigate your way along sections of the trail for a longer break." -Visit

+ One of the best places to look for wildlife is Cairngorms National Park, Britain's largest National Park and the heart of the Highlands. Or how about a trip to see The Falls of Feugh. The footbridge is a popular place to see salmon leaping!

Things to Do::

+ Why not take a costal walk that passes the impressive Slains Castle, the inspiration for Dracula, and reaches a massive blow hole and several natural arches. I'm always up for a day with a sea view!

+ Scotland is the birthplace of golf and Aberdeenshire has what you want. Trump International Golf Links is on the coast and is said to be the most ambitious course ever created. While I'm not a golfer, I have been here and it is so gorgeous!

Where to Eat::

+ The Carron Fish Bar in Stonehaven is where I had the best fish n' chips of my life. I can not recommend it enough! My Mom and I ate here on our way home from Dunnottar Castle and I'm still thinking about it. It was that good. You need to make this a must on your list. FYI: This is the birthplace of the deep fried Mars Bar.

+ Farmer's Markets are regular features across Scotland. The Aberdeen Country Fair held on Belmont Street on the last Saturday of each month is the largest in Scotland. You can pick up a range of delicious produce such as local cheeses, cured meats and handmade chocolates. Will I see you there?
There will be several more posts in this series and will include different cities too. Stay tuned!


  1. Yes the fish n chips were marvelous as well as the homemade sauce. I'm still thinking about it also.

  2. My trip to Scotland included only Edinburgh and Gretna Green, plus a short venture into the Highlands for dinner, so I think I'm certainly due for a more extensive visit! It is such a stunningly gorgeous country. Hope I get back soon, and thanks for the trip inspiration!

  3. I really wish I had got to visit before I left the UK ... maybe one day I will come back and give Scotland a visit!

  4. Man oh man! I can't wait! Pinned this. Thank you!

  5. So lovely that you highlight the lovely Aberdeenshire! I did the same last week when writing For a swedish travel agency. Aberdeen is so often forgotten and I dont know why! Im from sweden but live in Aberdeenshirw since five years and I love it too!

    1. Please check out my blog about Scotland

  6. Yep I too love The Carron Fish Bar. Well whole Scotland is the heaven on earth. It is the place where everyone would love to live. You are the lucky one :) But when I used to get in there, I rent camper to see the places. I have still not visited all the places in Scotland. Just saw all castles.


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