Saturday, 31 May 2008

Bothwell Castle

Luis and I decided to go see Bothwell Castle today. We had a great time! Luis packed a picnic, which consisted of 2 sandwiches, coke for one person, and a small bag of chips for one person. So cute, but next time I'll pack the picnic. Haha!

Bothwell Castle was built in the 1200's on a bend by the River Clyde. It has been owned by many people. Walter of Moray, and then his son William of Moray, then Edward I overtook Bothwell Castle when he invaded Scotland in 1296. Then the Scots took it back in the 1300's. Bothwell Castle has been owned by The Crown since the 1500's and is now cared for by Historic Scotland.

We took a walk by the river, it was so peaceful! We enjoyed the walk/hike and it was a beautiful sunny day! It was great to get outside and see Historic Scotland!!


  1. I want to move to Scotland.

  2. Wow - these are really beautiful! I'm so excited for you to see all those wonderful places and things!


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