Thursday, 29 May 2008

Our Flat

We rent the smallest flat known to mankind. I'm pretty sure of it.
If there are any contenders I'd like to see the photos.
Last weekend I spent the whole weekend re-arranging the flat so that it would some how give us more space. I did pretty well! I found us more space, and enjoy the layout alot better!!
Tell me what you think!


  1. You're in Love and you're in doesn't matter how small the flat is. I'd move my whole family there and live in your flat if I could! I think the flat looks great. I've always been curious about the washing machines in Europe. I think they wash and dry? Post a blog about all the differences you find there compared to the good ol' USA

  2. I think the place looks amazing! Small, but VERY cute!

  3. how many square feet is it?

  4. Holy cow! You weren't kidding when you said it was small! Where's the loo?
    It does look nice though. The kitchen looks like it's been upgraded recently. How many sq. ft. is it?

  5. The loo is in a coset around the corner, I couldnt fit in it to actually take a pic of it! HAhha! Its can't be more than 250 sq feet. CRAZY SMALL!! and we pay £350($700) for it! It is expensive here....

  6. Actually at the present rate of exchange 300 pounds is $485.16

  7. Actually at the present rate of exchange 300 British pound is worth $485.16 US

    1. this post was written in 2008-- almost 6 years ago. Prices were correct at the time of publication.


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