Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Castles & Cathedrals

LD and I enjoy to see what this great country has to offer whenever we can. We have had the opportunity to visit many castles and cathedrals during this past year we've been living in Scotland. They are our favorite part of Scotland! They are so old, and carry so much history. History is a BIG part of this culture here and we're enjoying every bit of it. Many of these places Luis and I packed a picnic on a Saturday and headed out to enjoy our meal in such a picturesque place. Enjoy!

Heritage Park
The Palace at Holyroodhouse (the Queen's residence)

St Giles Cathedral

The Abby at Holyroodhouse

Glasgow Cathedral (this is where Luis proposed)

Craignethan Castle

Bothwell Castle

Edinburgh Castle


  1. It is so lush and green... I love it when you post pictures of local stuff you get to see. Very cool! :)
    How much longer are you guys going to be out there? I need to get out there before you leave.

  2. These pictures make me miss living in the country!

  3. Hiya, just found your blog and I love it. You're already in my blogroll :) I also live in Scotland and agree that this is a beautiful country and castles and cathedrals are wonderful :)


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