Saturday, 31 January 2009

Scottish Ceilidh

Last night Luis & I went to a Ceilidh. A ceilidh (pronunciation: kay-li) is a traditional social Gaelic dance originating in Scotland, where bands are hired, usually for evening entertainment for a wedding, birthday party or other celebratory event. It was our friends Ewan & Alisa's wedding celebration! We had so much fun, and even tried out a dance, we weren't any good, but we had a blast!! There was plenty of food, music, and dancing. I can't wait for my next ceilidh!

The general format of céilidh dancing is the "Set". A Set consists of four couples, with each pair of couples facing another in a square or rectangular formation. Each couple exchanges position with the facing couple, and also facing couples exchange partners, while all the time keeping in step with the beat of the music.


  1. That looks like so much FUN!!!

  2. Hey Mary, Looks like you had a lot of fun there... It is kinda like a scottish square dance... LOL LOL You should learn it so the next time you'll be right out there with the others...


  3. I grew up in the south and we did dances very much like this! As the post about reads...square dance! I am part Irish and would love to visit that area...have tons of fun and soak up the local culture while you are there.

  4. I love the time I want to see video of you dancing!

  5. When we were children, we did Country Dancing in schools and so would have learned probably this sort of dance. Sadly, kids don't do this any more.


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