Thursday, 26 March 2009

Loch Lomond

Lately Luis has been working hard at his new job and getting to travel throughout Scotland. He has been working long hours, but he LOVES it. He enjoys not having a boss over his shoulder, and driving with the music turned up! He stopped off in Loch Lomond last week. He took some pics and I just have to come with him next time. It looks gorgeous!


  1. Beautiful pictures! :-)

  2. Looks gorgeous and it also looks like the sun might be peeking out!

    You got one answer right...that much I can tell you! Luke is ADDICTED to twilight. He's reading the book and can't put it down. He was too embarrassed to let me announce that, so I had to post his man-crushes instead. Which he was still embarrassed about!

    Miss ya!

  3. You always post such amazing pictures. Really, have you thought about a career in photography?!

  4. Ah, gorgeous!!!!!!!! What kind of work is he doing now?

    Justine :o )

  5. Did Luis see "Nessie"? ;-)


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